WABLGA Pennant Report 2023

The WABLGA Pennant Season for 2023 concluded with the Pennant Final being held between Lake Karrinyup and The Honoraries at Lake Karrinyup on Sunday, 21st May, 2023. Unfortunately, I was unable to be present for the Final due to a prior commitment, and I sincerely thank my fellow Committee and the ladies of Lake Karrinyup for making the Final such a success.  To all those supporters that came out to watch and be there for the presentation my thanks.  It was an unusual Season for all of us this year with only the top 2 teams playing the Finals round due to course availability.

I am pleased to announce Lake Karrinyup Country Club as the 2023 WABLGA Pennant Champions.  The Match score for the Final was Lake Karrinyup 4.5 – The Honoraries 0.5.  According to my spies on the day the matches were very close going thru the turn, however Lake Karrinyup players then pushed and got the win!

Individual Match Results – Final:

Congratulations Lake Karrinyup CC Members:

Kim Cook, Sharon Cork, Dy Fripp, Martine Keenan, Wendy Naude, Kate Rennie and Georgie Wynne

Below are the 2023 Results

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4


2023 Pre Season

Forty ladies from eleven affiliated clubs played at Hartfield Country Club on Sunday 5th March in the WABLGA Pre-season Day ‘Club of Origin’ competition.  Hartfield CC re-joined WABLGA this year after an absence of 10 years, having last competed in 2013.  It was great to hear long term WABLGA members reminisce with a few of the Hartfield ladies who had been their adversaries in years gone by. 

The 2023 WABLGA Club of Origin winner was Royal Perth Golf Club with a total of 103 Stableford points.  The players contributing to the score were Leith Elliott (37 points), Jocelyn Rudland (37 points) and Jill Penter (29 points).  Jocelyn, now a Royal Fremantle member represented Royal Perth on the day as her Club of Origin.

Jill Penter, Leith Elliott and Jocelyn Hudson with the Merle Crawford Foundation Trophy

Club of Origin Runner up was Pinjarra Golf Club with 102 points with contributions from Joanne Havelberg (35 points), Meredyth McLarty (33 points) and Kathleen Elliott (33 Points). 

Kathleen Elliott, Meredyth McLarty, Joanne Havelberg and President Linda Silverlock

Third place was Royal Fremantle Golf club with 100 points.  It was a gallant effort from Royal Fremantle members Maura Morrissey (32), Niclole Bertinshaw (34) and Mara Prichard (34) considering they had lost Jocelyn Hudson (37) to the Royal Perth team and Linda Silverlock (33) to Mosman Park under the Club of Origin condition of play.

Jocelyn Hudson, Wendy Brenssell and Leith Elliott had great individual scores of 37 Stableford points on the Hartfield course which has many lengthy challenging holes.

Leith Elliott (RPGC) was the clear winner of the Best Individual Gross (26) from Shonna Gobby (MLGC) with (16).

Linda Silverlock (President) and Leith Elliott

Winner of the Best Individual Nett was Wendy Brenssnell (Bunbury GC) with 37 points on a countback from Jocelyn Hudson (Royal Fremantle Golf Club).

Wendy Brenssell and Linda Silverlock

Nearest to Pin winners were Jo Kirby (Mandurah), Leith Elliott (Royal Perth), Tui Pursell (Hartfield) and Tammy Dawson (Mandurah).  Thank you to Hartfield CC for sponsoring the four novelty prizes.

WABLGA greatly appreciated the support and assistance of Hartfield’s Brian Close (General Manager), Rob Nuttall (Golf Professional) and especially Damien Franzmann (Functions, Membership & Bar Manager) for co-ordinating the event, helping on the day and compiling the results.  

Thank you to Tui Pursell (WABLGA Leader), Annie Kok (Hartfield Ladies Captain) and lady members for the Clubhouse presentations and providing a wonderful array of raffle baskets.  A total of $475 was raised for the WABLGA 2022/2023 charity ‘Care Bags’.


This year we had 81 ladies from 9 clubs nominate to play in the Championships.

Covid was still prevalent during club qualifying rounds and as we emerged from a wet winter, clashes with Club competitions, the opening of travel and even spouses surprise holidays greatly affected the number of ladies who had played sufficient qualifying games or could with any confidence commit to three consecutive Championship Sundays.  Despite these issues the Championship began with 30 qualifiers and only two walkovers.

Thank you to Mosman Park Golf Club for hosting the quarter finals on the 4thSeptember and Pinjarra the semi-finals on the 11thSeptember.

It was disappointing that no affiliated club courses were available free to WABLGA for the Championship Final on Sunday 18th September.  Fortunately, Linda Silverlock was able to negotiate some timeslots at Royal Fremantle, albeit having to pay green fees.  Having two matches ie four players in each group was new and challenging to a few of the finalists.  Thank you to Maura Morrissey for volunteering to be our GolfWA Rules Official and for keeping the golf flowing as best it could under the circumstances.

Donna Parsons, after having been Division 1 runner up in 2008, 2017 and 2018 was able to snatch victory from Stacy Dhu in an exciting finish on the 18th hole.  It looks good for the future with three of the four ladies who had not been finalist previously winning Division 2, 3 and 4.

2022 WABLGA Championships Results:

Division 1 Donna Parsons (Mosman Park) defeated Stacy Dhu (Pinjarra) (1up)

Division 2 Ava O’Brien (Bunbury) defeated Julie Rogers (Bunbury) (4/2)

Division 3 Martine Keenan (LKCC) defeated Linda Silverlock (Royal Fremantle)  (6/5)

Division 4 Pauline Joseph (Royal Perth) defeated Tracy Simpson (Pinjarra) (8/7)

2022 WABLGA Champion Perpetual Trophy (awarded to Div 1 Champion)

Winner: Donna Parsons – Mosman Park

Patsy Best and Maureen Thomas Perpetual Trophy (best gross over 2 qualifying rounds)

Winner: Leith Elliot – Royal Perth (25 above par)

Runner up: Stacy Dhu – Pinjarra (27 above par)

Betty Newman Perpetual Trophy (best nett over 2 qualifying rounds)

Winner: Kerry Sachse – Mandurah (-4) on a countback

Runner up Meredyth McLarty – Pinjarra (-4)

Eileen Dawson Perpetual Trophy  (5 best nett scores of 2nd qualifying round)

Winner: Pinjarra Golf Club (370)

Corrina Rudler, Joanne Havelburg, Christine Matson, Tracy Simpson

and Meredyth McLarty.

Runner up: Royal Perth Golf Club (385)

Ola Hempseed, Penelope Radunovich, Sophie Williams, Jill Penter and

Leith Elliot.

Debra Renfrey – 2022 WABLGA Event Co-ordinator




This year four Clubs were not able to fulfill the requirement of scores from three of five nominated nett rounds resulting in only seven Clubs entering their best player for the prestigious WABLGA Silver Spoon. Those Clubs with entrants were Bunbury, Gosnells, Mandurah, Mosman Park, Pinjarra, Royal Perth and the West Australian Golf Club.

Congratulations to Meredyth McLarty from Pinjarra for winning the GolfWA sponsored Silver Spoon with a score of 5 under par over three rounds.

Runner up was Penelope Radunovich from Royal Perth with a score of 5 over par.

We thank GolfWA for providing over many years a silver spoon for this WABLGA Trophy.  Thanks to our persuasive President Linda, we were the only group this year to receive the silver spoon without incurring a cost of $100.  Disappointingly, this is the last year that GolfWA will waver the cost of providing a Silver Spoon to WABLGA.

Debra Renfrey – WABLGA Event Co-ordinator



On Closing Day at Royal Fremantle Golf Club on Sunday 13th November we acknowledged the contribution of Maureen Thomas – co-founder and Life Member of WABLGA.  Maureen received a standing ovation upon her arrival at lunch and was presented with beautiful bunch of flowers and a large colourful card made by Leith Elliot on which members wrote their appreciation, congratulations and best wishes for her recent 90th birthday.

Also in attendance was Pat Collins, Royal Fremantle Ladies Co-ordinator who spoke on her role which was developed to fill the gap left when a restructure of memberships meant that there was no longer a Ladies Captain at Royal Fremantle Golf Club.  A not unfamiliar happening at many clubs recently.

Hartfield Country Club’s Tui Pursell and Annie Kok were also guests of WABLGA, competing out on the course and enjoying the lovely buffet lunch afterwards in the clubhouse.  Hartfield had expressed an interest in re-joining WABLGA and Closing Day was an opportunity for the lady representatives to get the feel of how things were run.  The committee was delighted that Hartfield General Manager, Brian Close, has supported their interest with a formal application for Club affiliation in 2023.

Despite fixture clashes with other golf events, forty-two ladies from Bunbury, Lake Karrinyup, Mt Lawley, Mosman Park, Pinjarra, Royal Fremantle, Royal Perth, WAGC and our Hartfield guests attended.

The challenging course conditions of cored fairways and sanded greens surprisingly did produce some excellent individual scores on the day.

As in many previous Closing Days, the winning club was the host club.  Congratulations to Royal Fremantle Golf Club for winning the 2022 WABLGA Nora Watts Trophy, by just 2 points from WAGC.

The three ladies contributing to the combined winning total of 113 was Alison Adams (41 points), Gee Lightfoot (38 points) and Linda Silverlock (34 points).

Close runner ups were the Western Australian Golf Club with a total of 111 points.  The WAGC players were Debra Renfrey (39 points), Leah Sackville (36 points) and Sharon Clayton (36 points).

The individual best gross score was Leith Elliot (Royal Perth) with 84 and best individual stableford score was Allison Adams (Royal Fremantle) with 41 points.

Nearest to Pin winners – Tui Pursell (Hartfield), Leith Elliot (Royal Perth), Sharon Clayton (WAGC) and Georgie Wynne (Lake Karrinyup).

Both Longest Drive and Longest Putt prizes were won by Georgie Wynne.

Closing Day is the opportunity to present the seasons perpetual trophies including the GolfWA Silver Spoon.

2022 WABLGA Champion Perpetual Trophy (awarded to Div 1 Champion)

Donna Parsons – Mosman Park

Patsy Best and Maureen Thomas Perpetual Trophy (best gross over 2 qualifying rounds)

Leith Elliot – Royal Perth

Betty Newman Perpetual Trophy (best nett over 2 qualifying rounds)

Kerry Sachse – Mandurah on a countback

Eileen Dawson Perpetual Trophy  (5 best nett scores of 2nd qualifying round)

Pinjarra Golf Club   – Corrina Rudler, Joanne Havelburg, Christine Matson, Tracy Simpson

  and Meredyth McLarty.

The WABLGA Silver Spoon – donated by GolfWA (best 3 of 5 nominated nett rounds)

Meredyth McLarty – Pinjarra 

Special thanks to Mara Pritchard and her ladies from Royal Fremantle for co-ordinating the display and raffling of the many items donated or made by Royal Fremantle, Mosman Park and Lake Karrinyup Clubs.

A wonderful amount of $1025 was raised on the day for our 2022 charity ‘Care Bags’.  Thank you everyone who donated and purchased tickets.

Finally thank you to Royal Fremantle’s Maura Morrissey, Linda Silverlock, Frazer Courts (Food and Beverage Manager), Pro-shop staff and Lucy Guppy (General Manager) for making it a great end of season!

Debra Renfrey – WABLGA Event Co-ordinator


2022 Pennants

WABLGA Pennant Report 2022

The WABLGA Pennant Season for 2022 concluded with the Pennant Final being held at Bunbury Golf Club on Sunday, 31st July 2022. Thank you to Bunbury GC, Julie Rodgers and her band of Merry Elves for their wonderful hospitality on the day.  The Christmas in July theme was very well received and appreciated.

I am pleased to announce Royal Perth Golf Club as the 2022 WABLGA Pennant Champions. The results of the Pennant Final Round are as follows:

Left to Right: Chen Wang, Jennifer Garlick, Ola Hempseed, Jill Penter, Leith Elliott (Capt), Absentee: Penelope Radunovich

Link to the WABLGA Pennant Results for Finals 31st July 22

From these results, the proposed divisions for 2023 are as follows:

Ros Fisher Trophy for 2022

A total of 97 players participated across the 5 rounds of the 2022 Pennant season and the winner of the Ros Fisher Trophy for Best Pennant Player of the Season was Jan Rowling from Gosnells GC who won all 5 matches with 13 points.

Winner – Ros Fisher Trophy – Jan Rowling – Gosnells GC 

Thank you to everyone for your help and support throughout this pennant season. It has been a steep learning curve for me with a few hiccups along the way for which I am grateful for your understanding. The weather seemed kinder to us this year, with fewer rainy days.

A special thank you goes to all the hosting clubs and their ladies for outstanding hospitality (Pinjarra, The Vines, Mandurah, Royal Perth, Mt Lawley, and Bunbury) and Care Bags fundraising efforts in 2022.

Happy golfing for the remainder of the year.

Shonna Gobby – Pennant Coordinator 2022

WABLGA Pennant Report 2022


  1. Pennant season dates through winter or alternate – look at draft fixtures for men’s and women’s pennants in Perth; consider playing very early or late in the year.  Early discussion with GolfWA regarding the tentative programming of the fixtures for the 2023 Season.
  2. The number of Clubs that will be able to field a Pennant Team for 2023 with the changes that are being implemented at Clubs relating to changes of Membership Categories.

2022 Foursomes Championship

The WABLGA Foursomes Championship returned to Royal Fremantle on 10th April 2022 having been played there as recently as 2020.  Forty-three teams with players from ten clubs made it out onto the course for an early morning shotgun start. 

The 2022 Foursomes Championship Gross Winners was the partnership of Leith Elliot (RPGC) and Sophie Williams (MLGC) with a score of 80.

Leith Elliot, Linda Silverlock (WABLGA President) and Sophie Williams

2021 Foursomes Championship

Sunday 18th April presented itself as a rather nice day for 48 teams to play the WABLGA Foursomes Championship.
Thank you to Mt Lawley Golf Club for hosting the event and to Jean Stewart for the background organisation of the event.
The WABLGA Foursomes Champion team for 2021 is Donna Parsons (MPGC) and Allison Adams (RFGC) with a gross score of 83, making it two years in a row that Donna and Allison have taken out the WABLGA Foursomes Championship. Will there be a hat trick in 2022?
Runners up in the Gross competition were Alison Coffey (MLGC) and Vanessa Benci (MLGC) with a gross score of 85.

Gross winners Donna Parsons and Allison Adams presented with the perpetual trophy by WABLGA Life Member Maureen Thomas
Gross runners up Alison Coffey and Vanessa Benci with Maureen Thomas

Winners of the Nett Perpetual trophy were Shonna Gobby (MLGC) and Beth Deeley (BGC) with a nett score of 76.
Shonna and Beth were Gross runners up in the 2020 Foursomes Championship; maybe they will prevent Donna and Allison from taking a hat trick in 2022!
Sue Palu (RFGC) and Sharon Cork (LKCC) were runners up for the Nett trophy with a score of 76.5.

Shonna Gobby and Beth Deeley with the Nett Perpetual trophy
Sue Palu and Sharon Cork received their prizes from Maureen Thomas.

WABLGA continues to thank Maureen Thomas for attending our events to present the Association’s trophies and the individual prizes to the winners.

2021 Pre-season Day

Thank you to Lake Karrinyup Country Club for hosting the WABLGA 2021 Pre-season Day on Sunday 14th February.

Seventy-four players participated in the event, which was followed by lunch and presentations to the Gross winner, Nett winner and the Club of Origin trophy. The results of the day are:

Gross Winner: Susan Palu (79 off the stick)

Nett Winner: Lisa Surman (40 Stableford points)

Runner-up Club of Origin: Lake Karrinyup Country Club scoring a combined total of 107 Stableford points. Players contributing to the score were Sheila Klimczyk, Kate Rennie and Madeleine Innes

Club of Origin 2021: Western Australian Golf Club scoring a combined total of 115 Stableford points. Players contributing to the score were Lisa Surman, Alison Oliver and Di Wood

Maureen Thomas, WABLGA Life member, made the presentations to winners of the day.

Gross winner Susan Palu
Nett Winner Lisa Surman
Runner-up Club of Origin Lake Karrinyup Country Club players
pictured with Maureen Thomas:
(L to R) Madeleine Innes, Sheila Klimczyk, Kate Rennie
Club of Origin 2021 Western Australian Golf Club players pictured with Maureen Thomas
(L to R) Lisa Surman, Alison Oliver and Di Wood