Opening Day

This was inaugurated as an informal get together for clubs and has developed into a 18 hole competition traditionally followed by a meal and the opportunity to introduce the incoming WABLGA Committee.


Pennants have grown from an initial 5 clubs with home and away matches to a membership of 12 Clubs with the consequent complications of finding suitable courses over the relatively short period of time available. Pennants are now played in two divisions (Green and Gold) with the winners of each division playing for the pennant, and clubs playing for their position in the following years fixture.

WABLGA Ros Fisher Trophy for The Best Pennant Performance

Ros Fisher donated this perpetual trophy of a crystal swan in 1995 to say thank you to the Business Associates for the support she received during ten years in the State Squad, and in recognition of the difficulty of being a Business Associate and playing top quality golf. It is awarded to the most consistent pennant player, this player being initially one who wins all matches. In the event of a tie match scores are taken into account.


In 1975, the first championship was played. Eligibility was restricted to full time working women and students over the age of 15 who did not play mid-week pennants or mid-week competition regularly.

The format consisted of two qualifying rounds played on the player’s home course on days during the month of June. The best eight gross aggregate scores over the two rounds in each of the four handicap divisions qualified for match play. To allow for the differences in difficulty of courses the gross scores were compared with the standard scratch of the course on that day. The qualifying players in each division then played knockout match play at the same venue on three consecutive Sundays in July. Nowadays this is impossible and the quarter, semi and final matches are played on three different courses.

The winner of the inaugural championship was Kay Heatley (Mrs K Briggs). In 1977 the WAGLU donated a perpetual trophy for the championship.

The eligibility for the championship is now extended to all women golfers over the age of 15 deemed by their clubs to be Business Associates and who are affiliated with WABLGA, and the format remains generally the same.

The Betty Newman Trophy – Best Nett

In 1977 a perpetual trophy for the best nett aggregate over two championship qualifying rounds was provided by Royal Fremantle Golf Club Business Associates in memory of Betty Newman.

Patsy Best And Maureen Thomas Trophy – Best Gross

In 1989 a perpetual trophy was given by two life members, Patsy Best and Maureen Thomas, for the best gross aggregate over two championship qualifying rounds.

Eileen Dawson Perpetual Trophy – Teams Event

This trophy was inaugurated to honour Mrs Eileen Dawson MBE who has given untiring support and service to the weekenders over a period of many years. It is awarded to the Club with the best five nett scores from the second qualifying round of the Championships.

GolfWA Silver Spoon

The silver spoon is a most prestigious trophy awarded for the best three nett rounds of five designated stroke rounds.

Foursomes Championships

Offering best gross, nett and runners up trophies, the Foursomes Championships are open to all members.

Closing Day

All championship Trophies and the Nora Watts Foundation Trophy are presented on Closing Day. This trophy was inaugurated in memory of Nora Watts. It is a teams event open to all handicaps and is played at a different Club each year.

Nora Watts Foundation Trophy

This trophy was inaugurated in memory of Nora Watts, without whose foresight WABLGA would not exist. The trophy is awarded to the winning Club team in the teams event played on Closing Day.

Weekenders VS Midweek Players Challenge

In 1969 a team of Business Associates, led by Pat Higgins of Royal Perth, challenged the mid-week Associates team led by Eileen Dawson to a match play event. Initially only singles matches were played but later, four foursome and eight singles matches were played. Although the Business Associates never won a round of matches the fixture was taken very seriously and was supported by a following of interested spectators. Unfortunately this event is no longer on the fixtures calendar.