Formation of the Committee

At an extraordinary meeting of the Business Associates held at Royal Perth Golf Club on November 20, 1978 it was moved by Maureen Thomas, seconded by Kay Briggs, that a committee of five people be elected for a two-year term to organise the Metropolitan Business Associates affairs.

The members of the first committee were Patsy Best, Kay Briggs, Karen Holdsworth, Marjorie Sweetman and Maureen Thomas. This committee organised the writing of a formal constitution and laid down the expectations of the Association.

The committee of five is elected from the membership of our affiliated clubs to manage the affairs of the Association including organising venues, running the Pennant Competition, Championships, Foursomes Championships, Silver Spoon Competition, the Eileen Dawson Trophy, the Norah Watts Trophy. Meetings are held quarterly at Royal Perth Golf Club, each club providing two voting delegates.

The AGM is held in conjunction with the November delegates meeting; observers are welcome at all meetings and to participate in the AGM.

2022 Committee


Linda Silverlock

M 0414 779 958



Jo Kirby

M 0409 295 561



Sandra Colson

M 0422 235 970


Events Coordinator

Debra Renfrey

M 0421 637 049


Pennant Co-Ordinator

Shonna Gobby

M 0409 985 540