Notice to all WABLGA Members

WABLGA 2020 Pennant Season

It is with deep regret to advise the committee has come to the difficult decision to cancel the WABLGA 2020 Pennant season. With the current COVID-19 restrictions, most Club courses are only open to their members and they are not currently in a position to commit to when they will be open to guests and/or external events.  As the Pennant season was due to commence on the 29th June, it is unfeasible for us to obtain alternative courses at this late stage.

Championships & Silver Spoon

We are going to resume these events and have asked all clubs to complete a revised Qualifying Rounds nomination form as the qualifying dates have been extended.  Although we have not fully secured the courses for finals due to start in September, we believe we have sufficient time to make alternative arrangements if required. We look forward to your participation to make these events enjoyable and successful.


We recently received confirmation from Royal Fremantle that they would retain our fixtured date of Sunday 2nd August (originally for the Pennant Finals) for us to hold a Foursomes event.  The format will depend on where things stand with COVID-19 restrictions and may dictate our options for competitor numbers and post-game presentations and meals.  Further updates on this event will be provided as they materialise.

We trust you understand the decisions undertaken by the committee to date have been made with the full consideration of our WABLGA members and the overall health and wellbeing of our greater community.

Happy golfing and please stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Linda Silverlock

WABLGA President

2020 Pre-season Day

Many thanks to Gosnells Golf Club for hosting a marvellous day to start our season. Results:

Gross Winner: Charlotte Hall, Gosnells

Nett Winner: Glenda Roberts, Royal Fremantle

Runner up Club of Origin: Pinjarra 101 (Corrina Rydler, Sam Vongyer, Lexie Sutton)

Club of Origin 2020: Gosnells 107 (Jo Calvo, Nadia DeVries, Charlotte Hall)

2019 Closing Day

Many thanks to Melville Glades Golf club for hosting us. Congratulations to all our winners on the day and throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you all again for another great year of golfing in 2020.

Nora Watts Foundation Trophy winners: Lake Karrinyup Country Club

LKCC: Sandy Spence, Kate Rennie and Sheila Klimczyk

Nora Watts Foundation Trophy RU: Western Australian Golf Club

WAGC: Diane Wood, Helen Egan, Debra Renfry

Nett Winner: Stephanie Brakespeare, Pinjarra

Gross Winner: Penelope Radonovich, Royal Perth

2019 Championships

L-R: Patricia Ryan, Julie Jackson, Lyn Johnson, Jill Penter, Minke Terblanche , Leith Elliot, Lyn Harling, Shantalea Terry

It was a great day for the Championship finals, with some hard fought matches. All those that reached the finals should be congratulated and the winners in each division celebrated.

Special acknowledgement goes to Minke Terblanche, our WABLGA champion for 2019.

Thanks also to the ladies of Lake Karrinyup, Pinjarra and Mosman Park for their hospitality and hosting of this year’s event.

2019 Final Pennant Results

4th August 2019 – at Gosnells GC

Final Pennant Match

Gosnells 3 b The Vines 2   C Hough b K O’Meara 1 up, L Harling lost to A Williams 2 up, S Alexander lost to A Bell 1 up (19th), P Dunstan b J Wigham 5/4, N De Vries b S Aritonovic 4/2

Other Matches:

Mosman Park 3 b WAGC 2   D Parsons lost to R Riatti 5/4, S Colson lost to S Clayton 3/2 A Adams b D Renfrey 2/1, J Bollands b A Oliver 4/3, E Broadley b J Smith 5/3

Lake Karrinyup 3 b Mt Lawley 2    G Wynne sq S Gobby, D Fripp lost to S Watkins 2 up, W Naude b L Johnson 4/3, S Klimczyk b J Bourke 4/3, K Rennie sq T Chiquet

Pinjarra 2.5 sq Royal Fremantle 2.5    C Rudler b J Scott 4/2, M Collins lost to G Edmonds 3/1, K Martin sq M Morrissey, S Brakespeare sq L Silverlock, L Sutton sq H Cross

Mandurah 4 b Bunbury 1    S Terry b B Deeley 2/1, C Kowald lost to T Hall 2/1, J Kirby b J Freeman 4/3, L Tenni b J Rodgers 2/1, T Dawson b J Larsen 8/6

Royal Perth 3 b Melville Glades 2    L Elliott b L McVey 2/1, P Radunovich b H Constable 1 up, H Carter lost to A Hitchen 2/1, A Prior lost to L Wake 2 up, S Ridge b J Marsh 7/6

Pennant Results Round 5

28th July 2019 – Lake Karrinyup CC

Green Division

Mt Lawley 3 b WAGC 2   S Gobby lost to R Riatti 8/6, K Teong b S Clayton 4/3, L Johnson b D Renfrey 2/1, J Bourke b A Oliver 5/4, T Chiquet lost to J Smith 5/3

The Vines 3 b Melville Glades 2   H Siroen lost to L McVey 2 up, K O’Meara lost to S Van Der Brugghen 3/2, A Williams b N McRobb 5/3, A Bell b J Marsh 4/3, J Wigham won as a walkover

Mandurah 4 b Royal Fremantle 1    S Terry b J Scott 6/5, C Kowald b B Rakimov 2/1, J Kirby b N Ward 1 up, L Tenni lost to G Edmonds 3/2, J Facey b M Morrissey 3/2

Gold Division

Pinjarra 3.5 b Gosnells 1.5     S Dhu sq C Hough, C Rudler b L Harling 4/2, S Brakespeare sq S Alexander, M Collins sq P Dunstan, K Martin b N De Vries 2/1

Lake Karrinyup 3 b Bunbury 2    G Wynne sq B Deeley, D Fripp b T Hall 2/1, W Naude sq J Rodgers, M Keenan lost to J Larsen 2/1, K Rennie b E House 7/5

Mosman Park 4 b Royal Perth 1    D Parsons b L Elliott 3/2, J Benney b P Radunovich 1 up, S Colson lost to A Prior 4/3, A Adams b J Penter 2/1, J Bollands b S Ridge 4/2

Pennant Results Round 4

21st July 2019 – Western Australia GC

Green Division

Royal Fremantle 4 b Mt Lawley 1   J Scott b S Gobby 2/1, B Rakimov b S Watkins 1 up, N Ward b K Teong 8/7, G Edmonds lost to J Bourke DQ, M Morrissey b J Stewart 6/4

WAGC 5 b The Vines 0   R Riatti b H Siroen 7/6, D Renfrey b K O’Meara 2 up, K Hammer b A Williams 4/2, A Oliver b A Bell 4/3, J Smith b J Wigham 1 up

Mandurah 4 b Melville Glades 1    S Terry lost to H Constable 6/5, C Kowald b A Hitchen 2/1, J Kirby b N McRobb 4/3, L Tenni b J Marsh 7/5, J Facey b K Stacey 5/3

Gold Division

Gosnells 3 b Royal Perth 2     S Hoffman sq L Elliott, C Hough sq P Radunovich, L Harling lost to H Carter 7/5, P Dunstan b J Penter 1 up, N De Vries b S Ridge 5/4

Lake Karrinyup 2.5 sq Pinjarra 2.5    G Wynne lost to S Dhu 2 up, W Naude b S Brakespeare 4/3, M Keenan sq K Martin, K Rennie b S Vongyer 2/1, S Klimczyk lost to L Sutton 2 up

Bunbury 3 b Mosman Park 2    B Deeley b D Parsons 1 up, R Semple lost to S Colson 3/2, T Hall b T Bishop 6/4, J Rodgers lost to E Broadley 3/2, T McGillivray b J Bollands 5/4

Pennant Results Rd 3

14th July 2019 Royal Fremantle GC

Green Division

Mt Lawley 3 b Melville Glades 2   S Gobby b H Constable 1up, S Watkins lost to N MRobb 4/2, K Teong b L Wake 4/2, J Bourke b J Marsh 4/3, J Lepp lost to K Stacey 3/2

The Vines 3 b Mandurah 2   K O’Meara lost to S Terry 3/2, A Williams lost to J Kirby 1 up, A Bell b T Dawson 2/1, J Wigham b D Lynch 2/1, M Warener b J Facey 3/1

Royal Fremantle 3.5 b WAGC 1.5    J Scott b R Riatti 1 up, N Ward b S Clayton 2 up, G Edmonds sq D Renfrey, M Morrissey b K Hammer 4/3, H Cross lost to J Smith 2 up

Gold Division

Gosnells 5 b Lake Karrinyup 0     S Hoffman b G Wynne 3/1, C Hough b D Fripp 2/1, L Harling b J O’Rourke 6/5, S Alexander b W Naude 3/2, N De Vries b M Keenan 7/6

Mosman Park 4 b Pinjarra 1    D Parsons lost to S Dhu 4/3, S Colson b K Martin 2/1, A Adams b M Collins 4/3, E Broadley b S Vongyer 4/3, J Bollands b J Jackson 2 up

Royal Perth 3.5 b Bunbury 1.5    P Radunovich b B Deeley 2 up, A Prior sq J Freeman, L Schiener lost to J Rodgers 4/3, J Penter b T McGillivray 3/1, S Ridge b E House 6/4