2018 Silver Spoon

Congratulations to Jill Brand of Mandurah Golf Club, the winner of the prestigious 2018 Silver Spoon sponsored by Golf WA.

Jill Brand (L) pictured with Golf WA’s Shonna Gobby (R)

The History of theWABLGA Silver Spoon

The WALGU was founded in 1914 and in 1915 because of the Great War it was proposed “the Union should strike War Medals to be played for over a certain period by clubs belonging to the Union and subject to their approval the competition was to be stroke play”. Entrance was 6 pence a card and the proceeds were to go to any “Patriotic Fund”. For a few years it was the French Comforts Fund.

In 1927 it was decided to substitute silver spoons for the original medals. These were to be designed by a Mr. Holdsworth who had designed other Championship Trophies for the Union. Special Result Sheets were to be printed and club winners played in a final usually during one of the rounds of the State Championships. The winner received a case of spoons.

There have been many changes of the format and finals over the years, but the original idea of playing a number of stroke rounds and finding the “Champion Silver Spoon” in a final still persists.

In today’s WABLGA, the Silver Spoon is considered a most prestigious trophy awarded for the best three nett rounds of five designated stroke rounds.

2018 Foursomes Championships

Well done to everyone who participated in Sunday’s 2018 Foursomes Championships and many thanks to our superb hosts, the Royal Fremantle Golf Club.

Congratulations to our winners:

Champions: Leith Elliott and Minke Terblanche pictured with Committee member Helen Egan

Nett Winners: Rosemarie Eckert and Sandy McEntee

RU: Christina Fast and Sharon Bell

Nett RU: Jennie Freeman and Rita Semple

Championship Results

Here are the results of the WABLGA Championships played on Sunday at RFGC.  Congratulations to our Champion for 2018 – Penelope Radunovich of Royal Perth Golf Club.  Congratulations also to the other winners and everyone who participated.  Thank you to RFGC for use of their beautifully presented course and for organising a rain free day. 

Div 1: Penelope Radunovich (RPGC) bt Donna Parsons (MPGC) 3/2

Div2: Jennie Freeman(BGC) bt Rita Semple (BGC)1up

Div 3: Maura Morrisey (RFGC) bt Karen Martin (PGC) 6/5

Div:4 Eve Broadley (MPGC) bt Anne Boyle(MCC) 2 up

2018 Pennant Winners

Congratulations to the Mt Lawley Golf Club  for winning the 2018 Pennant! Way to go ladies!

Let the celebrations begin!


6th May, 2018 

 FINAL Round – Western Australian GC

Pennant Final Game

 Mt Lawley 4 b Gosnells 1  A Coffey b G Cheetham 3/2, S Watkins lost to C Hall 3/2, S Gobby b V Lam 3/1, J Bourke b J Buck 1 up, S Sawyer b J Cowan 1 up on Hole 20


Other Final Games

The Vines 2.5 sq Bunbury 2.5  A Bell b B Deeley 2/1, A Williams lost to R Semple 3/2, K O’Meara b D Wroth 3/2, J Wigham lost to J Freeman 4/3, M Warener sq J Rodgers

WAGC (1) 5 b Royal Perth 0   R Edwards b C Fast 1 up, R Riatti b A Prior 2 up, J MacGregor b P Radunovich 4/3, K Hammer b R Eckert 6/5, M Dohnt b J Penter 1 up

 Lake Karrinyup 4 b Royal Fremantle 1  D Fripp b G Roberts 4/2, G Wynne b M Morrissey 7/6, K Rennie lost to J Hudson 2/1, W Naude b L Silverlock 6/4, S Klimczyk b H Cross 4/3

WAGC (2) 3 b Mandurah  2   L Wilde b B Heavey 1 up, L Tennis sq A Oliver T Dawson lost to L Edwards 6/5, C Kowald sq D Renfrey, D Lynch lost to H Egan 7/6

Pinjarra 3 b Mosman Park 2   S Dhu b D Parsons 3/2, M Collins b S Colson 1 up, S Brakespeare b J Benney 2/1, S Vongyer lost to E Broadley 2/1, L Sutton lost to J Bollands 7/6

WABLGA Pennant Results 2018: Round 5

Round Five – Mandurah CC

Gold Division
WAGC (1) 2.5 sq Mandurah 2.5 R Edwards lost to T Dawson 3/2, R Riatti b L Tenni 3/1, J MacGregor b S Bloxsidge 3/2, K Hammer sq C Kowald, D Wood lost to D Lynch 4/3

The Vines 2.5 sq Royal Fremantle 2.5 A Williams lost to Rakimov 2/1, A Bell b G Roberts 2/1, K O’Meara b L Silverlock 2 up, J Wigham sq J Hudson, H Stockden lost to H Cross 1 up

Mt Lawley 2.5 sq Mosman Park 2.5 S Watkins lost to D Parsons 3/1, S Gobby b J Benney 5/3,  L Hando sq S Colson, J Bourke lost to E Broadley 5/4, J Stewart b J Bollands 3/2

Green Division
WAGC (2) 2.5 sq Lake Karrinyup 2.5 M Dowden lost to D Fripp 6/5, B Heavey b G Wynne 2/1, L Edwards sq W Naude, D Renfrey lost to S Klimczyk 1 up, H Egan b J Cawthray 3/1

Royal Perth 4 b Pinjarra 1 C Fast b S Dhu 2/1, A Prior b M Collins 2/1,
P Radunovich b S Brakespeare 7/5, R Eckert b S Vongyer 1 up, J Penter lost to L Sutton 3/2

Bunbury 3 b Gosnells 2 B Deeley b S Hofman 5/3, R Semple b C Hall 4/3,
D Wroth lost to V Lam 3/2, J Freeman b S Alexander 2/1, J Rodgers lost to J Cowan 5/3